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HYSD and TMT have almost the same strength, so which one to choose HYSD or TMT. Which is better?

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TMT is the best choice

  • TMT bars do not surface flaws when compared with HYSD bars as unlike HYSD bars, as the manufacturing process in the TMT bars does not involve twisting or torsional stress.
  • When compared with TMT bars, HYSD bars increase the consumption of steel by 8% to 11% when used in the same construction.
  • TMT bars come with a stronger external layer, something which is missing in HYSD due to ductile nature of the core and hard crystalline surface of TMT steel.
  • When compared with TMT bars, HYSD bars cannot provide flexibility and ductility, thus limiting their use in different types of construction works.
  • TMT bars have less residual stress due to the better manufacturing process and have better tensile strength when compared with HYSD bars.
  • TMT bars are effective in earthquake-prone zone and cope better with sudden load surges and absorption when compared with HYSD bars.
  • TMT bars are more corrosion resistant when compared with HYSD bars, this is mainly due to rapid quenching and tempering used in TMT bar manufacturing process.
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